Tailoring Crypto-currency Solutions to Trinidad and Tobago's Needs

For over 5 years, Flat 18 has been developing bespoke adaptations for crypto-currencies to real Trinidad and Tobago use-cases.

We're proud to bring you our latest instalment, Project F18 Money. It's built on top of open-source libraries and services to offer truly simple and scalable solutions for merchants and individuals.

To get you started we've made you a free F18 Pseudo Wallet. You'll have complete control over your cryptos.

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What is this Wallet all about?

You'll need a wallet to start receiving and spending bitcoin so we've designed the F18 Pseudo Wallet to be anonymous and flexible with the most important feature being the non-custodial framework.

Our "Non-Custodial" addresses give you full control to move your entire wallet to another platform if you desire. There's no limit and you'll be interacting directly with the blockchain so we never know what your spending activities are.

All funds you deposit go directly into your wallet and not to us which is great news for you. Enjoy full custody of your own assets.

The addresses we provide are fully verifiable on the blockchain. You can't get more transparent than that.

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What's behind this Project and what else is in the pipeline?

Bitcoin was designed for developing countries like Trinidad and Tobago -to simplify the navigation of finances in desperate economies held back by snail-paced bureaucracy.

Today, we have a wealth of well-formed systems and protocols for integrating crypto-currencies into any project imaginable.

The off-chain settlement layer known as the Lightning Network, to be introduced in the near future, will allow bitcoin to scale up and process micro-payments quickly and cheaply using channels. We're using the best technologies available today to increase bitcoin use in T&T and pave the way for businesses to start accepting BTC.

At the moment, we're focusing on helping people get started with bitcoin without requiring any special computer skills or technical knowledge.

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