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F18 Pay

F18 Pay is modelled on the payment processor stack, BTCPay Server. F18 Pay has a lot fewer features than BTCPay Server but does a few things differently too.

The Primary Difference

Privacy: BTCPay Server is designed to achieve financially-sovereignty for users through the deployment of individual, discrete and independent stacks to reduce reliance on third parties.

F18 Pay uses a Bitcoin node on a virtual machine that we physically own. However like with any third-party service, using F18 Pay requires a degree of trust. Flat18 Pay is the only third-party with whom a user interacts; We never share any of the data we collect from you or your transactions and we supply all aspects of the processor stack in-house.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, this service uses PHP to interact with the Bitcoin network through the standard bitcoin node rpc protocol instead of the robust Node Block Explorer bundled with BTCPay Server.


Shockingly, we've designed F18 Pay to be non-maximalist. Users can make 'stores' much like in BTCPay, but our stores can work independently from an external wallet.

Good to know

This is a non-custodial Payment gateway service, written in PHP and provided free of charge with no guarantees. You can set up as many stores as you like and process as many payments as needed.

If you've opted to use our randomised (Native SegWit - P2WPKH) addresses, you should enable 2-factor authentication to protect your account.

Your use of this service is never monitored or recorded and we do not ask for any personally-identifiable details.2